a meego client for Kippt.com.

for the Nokia N9 and the N950.

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With kippt.com you can organize, archive and search your links.

Current version (Beta)

* 1.0.1 - 3.10.12 -

Download and install it from Ovi Store


  • organize your boomarks in lists.
  • save, edit and delete bookmarks
  • create, edit and delete lists.
  • fulltext search through your bookmarks
  • mark bookmarks as "read later" or "starred"
  • a reader view for reading your bookmarks in an optimized way, similar to Instapaper or ReadItLater.
  • follow the lists of other kippt.com users you are following.

Not yet implemented:

  • Search
  • User profiles
  • Better sharing option
  • an improved reader(fontsize etc)
  • packages for nemomobile and Mer



Click on the "Download .deb" button and follow the instructions.


To save links to kippt.com look at https://kippt.com/tools/.


  • 0.8.0
    - Reader fontsize adjustable, username in Feed
  • 0.6.0
    - Search added, bugfixes
  • 0.4.0
    - "About" added
    - Placeholder for Avatars in Feed
    - UI modifications
  • 0.3.0
    * First beta release