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BaaS - Buddy As A Service by mborho

"Buddy as a Service" is a jabber/wave robot, using Yahoo YQL API, Google API and other services to do searches (web, news, reviews, wikipedia, imdb, music) and some other stuff (translations, weather forecast, etc) for you.

The XMPP bot also runs on the google appengine. BaaS is easy extensible through plugins. No API-Keys are required!

There is an app build for maemo/n900 mobile devie based on BaaS: Ask Ziggy

Version 0.2.2


- Universal Feed Parser and Chardet
- Twisted Words
- if running as wave robot: wave-robot-python-client


If you want to see BaaS in action, try one of the following demos:

xmpp demo:
add JID to your jabber contacts

add JID to your jabber contacts

add to your contacts


type 'help' for available commands

news:word - searches for news
web:word - websearch
blip:song - search for songs on
gnews:word - google news search
gweb:word - google web search
metacritic:title - search for reviews on
imdb:title - search for movie on IMDb
wikipedia:thing - search on wikipedia
tlate:word [@source] [#target] - translates the word from @source in @target, default #target is english
example:foo - gives you a bla for a foo
blog:word - blog search via twingly
micro:word - microblog search via twingly
weather:city [,country] [#lang] - get weather information and forecast

Some commands (news,web) can be combined with lang-codes, like #de, #en, #es etc:
news:hamburg #de
web:xmpp #de

gnews and gweb can be also combined with lang-codes, like #de, #en, #es etc:
gnews:hamburg #de
gweb:xmpp #de

IMDb search can be narrowed down with #en, #de, #es, #pt, #it or #fr
The different wikipedia versions can be selected via #en, #de, #fr etc.

A translation can have the source (@) and the target (#) language specified by tags
tlate:Wie gehts? @de #en
tlate:Wie gehts? @de #es
tlate:How do you do? #de


a) easy_install baas
b) command baas_bot will be installed
c) for an example configuration file type baas_bot -s
d) for all options type baas_bot -h
e) start your bot with baas_bot -c /path/to/your/conf

a) download source package from github
b) extract source package in your app root
c) copy baas/conf/app.yaml to your app root and modify
d) copy baas/conf/baas.conf to your app root and modify
e) fullfill package dependencies


GPL v3


martin (


Martin Borho (


You can download this project in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://